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How long have the Red Black Leagues been around?  Founded in 2014, the Red Black Leagues have grown in numbers and quality of play every year.  These are professionally run leagues by experienced hockey coaches and administrators.

What age levels does the Red Black League offer?  We offer High School Leagues (Boys and Girls) in the Spring and Fall each year as well as Bantam and Peewee Leagues in the fall before association tryouts.

Where do Red Black players come from?  Pretty much every program in the metro area and many outstate as well

How many teams are in the High School League?  We have 30+ teams in the Spring and 30+ teams in the Fall.  RB has leagues in the South Metro, North Metro, East Metro/Wisconsin and Heartland, check the website for all details.

What type of players play in the Red Black High School League?  We are THE off season league option for 90% of High School hockey players as we’ve proved since the leagues inception.  For those not in the Elite League, etc we are by far the best option for those looking to improve and play; check out the impressive alumni page.

What type of players play in the Red Black Youth League?  Competitive players from all over the metro area who are selected after league tryouts.  The league is very competitive and parity is always the goal.  

Why play in the Red Black Youth League? Get ready for tryouts and play in the most organized 5 on 5 fall league in the metro: the league is run by highly experienced hockey people.

Who coaches the teams?  Qualified parent coaches and qualified non-parent coaches.  We have been fortunate to have great coaches who are back year after year.

How do you deal with discipline and on-site questions?  We have an on-site director at all games and there is a ZERO tolerance policy for out of bounds behavior.

How are teams in the High School and Youth Leagues formed?  Top returning players are invited back to the league and tryouts determine final selections.  Players are graded and teams are formed based on player location in combination with skill grades.  The goal is to have parity with all teams in the league.

How many teams per age level in the youth league?  The goal is 6-8 teams per age level

Can I bring a full pre-assembled team to the High School and Youth League?  Yes we welcome full teams, but please talk to the appropriate level director for more details. 

How do I coach?  Fill out the coaching app and one of the League Directors will be in touch.


  • Rosters - 18 skaters, 2 goalies
  • 18 league games plus playoffs.
  • Schedule friendly for multi-sport athletes both spring and fall
  • Games - Metro Area
  • Certified Officials.
  • Game Times – Two 25 minute stop time halves
  • 1 Pre–Season practice and/or 1 Pre-Season scrimmage.
  • Jerseys and Socks Provided.
  • Eligibility – Grades 9-12 Boys, 7-12 Girls
  • Free Wheeling, Rub-Out Hockey, No boarding or Open Ice Hits = Minimize injuries and Impact to Off Season Training
  • Increased Puck Time = More Skill, Better Results!
  • Experienced Coaches


  • Get ready for tryouts!
  • League WILL accept full rostered pre-assembed higher end teams (contact Matt Sartor to discuss)
  • 10 league games plus playoffs. 1 Pre-season practice.
  • League begins late August and ends last week of September in time for tryouts. 
  • Two games per week.
  • Game Times – 75 minute games...7 minute warm up and two 32 minute run time halves
  • Tag Up Off-Sides
  • Metro Rinks
  • Certified Officials
  • Jerseys and Socks Provided
  • Free Wheeling, No check hockey. Minimize risk of injury before season
  • Increased Puck Time = More Skill, Better Results!
  • Experienced Coaches